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My Dog Won’t Drink Water

by | Dog Health | 0 comments

Why your dog may not want to drink

There could be any number of reasons why your dog won’t drink water. It doesn’t necessarily indicate a health problem. He or she might be unhappy with their new surroundings. As we know, moving home isn’t just stressful for people. New surroundings can be terribly stressful for dogs too.

A move or a change in family dynamics can be enough to trigger unusual behaviour in your dog. The loss of a family member or another pet for example.

There are also other reasons why your dog could refuse to drink. Cold weather would be one example. Who on earth wants to gulp down lashings of cold water when the weather’s freezing outside? Plus of course there isn’t the imperative to use water to regulate a dog’s body temperature when the weather is cold, especially if he or she is less active anyway.

And then of course there’s the biggest concern if a dog won’t drink water. Ill health. A health issue which could be anything from an intestinal blockage to a urinary tract infection.

The importance of water

Hydration is terribly important to your dog. Water is involved in every bodily function. Going without food for a day or two because you’re feeling under the weather is one thing. With water though it’s different. Water is essential for life!

100% Natural Dried Liver Powder

Dog Food Topper perfect for any dog under the weather, off its food or needing encouragement to drink water!

Encouraging your dog to drink

So what do you do if your dog refuses to drink water? Well, you could try warming it a little to see if that will help. Better still, you could try flavouring it with something so tempting, even a dog feeling under the weather will find it irresistible.

My dried liver powder for example is made from the finest UK grass-fed, beef liver. It’s exactly the same liver I use in my Liver Cake Dog Training Treats.

My dried liver powder is made by me with grass-fed beef liver supplied by a local farmer who grazes his cows in the fields around where I’m based in rural Somerset. It’s the best liver powder for dogs you’ll find anywhere.

Just add my dried liver powder to dogs to a little warm water, add it to your dog’s drinking bowl and you’ll see a difference you’ll find hard to believe!

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