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Making Homemade Dog Food

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Making homemade dog food is something a great many dog parents aspire to. It is without question the healthiest way to feed man’s best friend. And with certain parameters, it’s much easier than most people think.

At The Dog Chef, I make everything my dogs eat. That includes their food, their treats and even their natural supplements.

Working within the guidelines set by my resident dog nutritionist, I’ve successfully home fed my dogs for a number of years. I don’t use additives or preservatives and I don’t use synthetic ingredients. Every single thing I feed my dogs is 100% natural. And everything I feed my dogs is both dog-safe and fit for human consumption. That means that even you could eat your dog’s food and treats if it took your fancy!


The first proviso is that all dogs need calcium in their diet. This means that if you want to be successful in making homemade dog food, you have to supplement it with calcium.

You will need to feed your dog two or three raw meaty bones (RMBs) a week, or supplement its diet with a calcium supplement. Without such supplementation your dog will suffer skeletal problems later in life.


To successfully make homemade food for your dog you must provide variety. The wider the variety of ingredients you provide your best friend, the better. With certain exceptions, your dog can eat most of the things you and the rest of your family eat. The wider the variety of fresh ingredients you provide your dog, the happier and healthier he or she is likely to be.


In order to successfuly provide homemade food for your dog, you must provide a healthy balance between proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


And finally, to be successful in making homemade food for your best friend, you must feed in moderation. It’s an established fact that excess weight is one of a dog’s worse enemies.

In summary

Making homemade dog food is the best way of ensuring you know exactly what you’re feeding your constant canine companion. You can expect increased energy, a reduction in allergies, better skin and coat condition, lower vet bills and hopefully many more years to share with your dog.

To learn more, visit The Canine Nutritionist and watch your dog flourish!

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