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Giving Dogs Table Scraps

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Giving dogs table scraps

If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard someone say table scraps are bad for dogs, I’d… well, I could treat myself to some nice trendy dog walking gear at least.

The fact is, dogs have been eating table scraps for some 15,000 years. That’s roughly how long the domestic dog has been man’s best friend by the way.

Okay, people may not have been eating off tables all that time ago. But surplus scraps of food from human settlements was one of the key attractions that brought the distant ancestor of today’s domestic dog, the grey wolf, in from the cold in the first place!

Not all table scraps are equal

So it’s not table scraps per se that are bad. Some I know argue that they’re actually good for dogs. What are bad however are certain kinds of table scraps.

It’s a good thing to boil up your surplus vegetable trimmings and give them to your dog. Especially the green outer leaves of the likes of kale, cabbage, bok choy and chard. Any leafy greens in fact.

It’s not a good thing however to simply pour into your dog’s food bowl the leftovers from your Sunday dinner. Especially heavily-salted gravy, anything that might have onion in it, and the fatty offcuts of your inch-thick pork chops.

Dogs love fat. Dogs need fat in their diet. But as with everything else you feed your dog, it has to be fed in moderation.

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Feed table scraps in moderation

So by all means feed your dog table scraps. Definitely boil up and feed it your leftover, unsalted vegetables, leaves and peelings.

But never feed your dog takeaway leftovers, crisps, cakes, anything with raisins, and anything with too much fat. There’s nothing like a hefty helping of fat for bringing on a painful bout of pancreatitis.

Giving dogs table scraps is great. Just be sensible about it!

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