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Can I Give My Dog Rice?

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Can I give my dog rice?

Dropping in on a homemade dog food Facebook forum recently, I couldn’t help but notice the huge number of queries relating to the subject of dogs and rice.

The term “Can I give my dog rice” cropped up time and time again. It’s a contentious issue. It’s a subject that seems to raise the hackles of a great many people just as it confuses a good many more. So should you give your dog rice? Is it safe to feed your dog rice? And if not, why not?

Rice as a staple

While there’s much that we don’t know about rice and its history relating to dogs, there are a number of things we do know.

Ever since the dog became man’s best friend (estimated to be between 12,000 and 15,000 years ago), man and dog ate the same food. That has been scientifically proven!

So it stands to reason that if a dog lived in a country such as China, where the staple diet of the people includes a lot of rice, the dog too would have eaten a lot of rice.

So whether or not someone tells you your dog should or should not eat rice, the fact is that dogs in some parts of the world always ate rice.

I’m not saying that it’s correct that you should feed your particular dog rice. I’m just stating the obvious. Dogs have always eaten rice! Most dogs can tolerate rice. And most dogs can benefit from the nutrients in rice!

White or brown rice

The subject of whether someone should feed their dog white or brown rice was another hotly debated topic on the forums I saw. And again, the facts are simple. Brown rice is more nutritious, but white rice is easier to digest.

So if you choose to feed your dog rice and he or she has a sensitive digestion, feed white rice because it’s gentler on the tummy. If on the other hand your dog’s digestive system is as robust as Stonehenge, opt for the brown because it contains more nutrients.

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And me…?

Personally, I don’t feed my dogs rice. Not because I don’t think dogs should eat rice, but because I have one dog seemingly a little sensitive to it.

I have two large dogs to cook for. When there are so many other ingredients to choose from, it makes sense to avoid one ingredient that I can only feed to one dog. When cooking for two, it makes more sense to stick to ingredients that both my dogs can enjoy. Ingredients such as pasta or quinoa that don’t give one of my dogs a grumbling tummy.

That said, if you want to feed your dog rice, make sure it’s of good quality. Other than that, if rice floats your particular dog’s boat, happy sailing!

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