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Can Dogs Eat Microgreens?

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If you’re anything like me, your dog means the world to you. You just want the best for a member of the family who gives you so much but who asks for so little in return.

Well one way you can give something back to your constant canine companion is by improving its diet. And few things will improve your dog’s diet more than the tiny little micro vegetables known as microgreens.

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are a relatively new innovation in the world of leafy vegetables. From small beginnings in 1980s San Fransisco, the business of growing microgreens has today developed into a multi-billion pound worldwide industry.

Microgreens are essentially baby green vegetables harvested shortly after sprouting and at the stage of growing their first leaves. They are immature plants harvested before their massive growth stage dissipates their valuable nutrients throughout their roots and multiple leaf systems. As a result, they contain more significant amounts of nutrients. Perhaps up to five times the nutrients found in the mature vegetables. They’re vegetables on steroids!

Can dogs eat microgreens?

So what about our dogs, you ask? Can dogs eat microgreens?

Well yes, as it happens, they can. They’re an easy way to get vegetables into your dog’s diet. And they have quite a wide variety to choose from.

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Benefits of microgreens

As you may have gathered, microgreens really pack a punch in the nutrient department. All vegetables are healthy for dogs, with the exception of certain members of the allium family. Onions, chives and leeks in particular.

Vegetables add valuable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre to your dog’s diet. These include many nutrients not found in meat.

Add in the fact that leafy greens in particular have the ability to reduce the likelihood of canine cancer and there’s every good reason why you should add microgreens to your best friend’s diet.

Microgreens you can feed your dog

In total there are in the region of 25 different microgreens you can happily feed your dog. These include alfalfa, broccoli, kale, lettuce, mustard, red cabbage, sunflower and wheatgrass.

I hope that satisfies the question, can dogs eat microgreens. Trust me, they can and should!

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