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I’m Ann-marie, I’m The Dog Chef. I just wanted to explain a little about my dog treat baking mixes and why I think they’re such a brilliant idea.

Most commercial dog treats contain additives, preservatives, E numbers and synthetic ingredients. Yes, they’re cheap, yes they’re convenient, but they’re also very unhealthy. Is that really the way to reward your dog?

My dog treat baking mixes are:

  • 100% natural – no additives, preservatives or synthetic ingredients
  • Dog nutritionist approved
  • Made only with human grade ingredients
  • Simple and fun for all the family to bake with

And they make dog treats that are:

  • Functional treats perfect for dog & puppy training
  • So healthy, you can eat them too!

I do hope you’ll give my dog treat baking mixes a try. My dogs Marco and Ava swear by them!

My dogs loved these treats and so did my puppy school pups. Only a few recognisable ingredients, no yucky liquidising liver, no unpleasant smell while cooking and super easy to make. It makes excellent training treats!
Hilary, Dumfries and Galloway


Albert is really enjoying these, along with all his friends that come to the grooming room!
Claire, Kent

We’ve just cooked our first batch of ‘The dogs love liver training treats’ and they are fabulous, just ask my dogs! And the delicious smell whilst they are cooking is amazing. I’d highly recommend as a top end training treat!
Lin, East Sussex

100% Natural

All ingredients dog-safe & human-grade


Proven health benefits with every ingredient

Additive Free

No additives or preservatives of any kind

Child safe

Safe for all the family to bake and eat

Baking homemade dog treats is not only great fun, it’s absolutely the best way to reward your dog. When you make homemade dog treats, you know exactly what’s in them for starters. So you know there are no hidden nasties in the form of E numbers, additives or preservatives which could potentially harm your best friend.

And baking homemade dog treats can involve the whole family because my dog treat baking mixes are made with 100% natural, human grade ingredients. And not forgetting of course the extra enjoyment your dog will get at baking time. Baking homemade dog treats really is fun for ALL the family!