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About The Dog Chef

I’m Ann-marie Morgan, founder of The Dog Chef. As the proud parent of two beautiful dogs, I’m committed to improving the life of man’s best friend.

I owe my life to my wonderful dog, Marco. His method of discovering my cancer may have been somewhat unconventional, but my clinicians are convinced that without his intervention, I would not be here today. I’m determined to repay him by doing all I can to give him as long and happy a life as humanly possible.

When Marco himself subsequently became ill, it forced me to take a long hard look at how my husband and I were feeding him. I was simply appalled at the practices of the commercial pet food industry.

The way in which our beloved pets who mean so much to us are being treated like cash cows by an industry that puts profits above pet care. Mounting vet bills without resolution led me to conclude that improved food and not increasingly expensive medication was the answer to Marco’s health problems.

While I began to wean him off commercial pet food and treats, my husband took up the study of canine nutrition and subsequently qualified as a dog nutritionist. The better we fed our boy, the healthier and stronger he became. Seven years on, he’s a happy, healthy, robust individual who rewards us for our efforts every day of his life.

Throughout the course of our journey, I have witnessed first-hand how homemade dog treats have the power to do more than simply reward our dogs. How they have the ability to benefit their health providing they’re made with natural ingredients. It’s exactly the same with the homemade food I make for my dogs.

Something else I’ve witnessed is the tremendous sensory pleasure my dogs enjoy on baking and cooking days. It’s something that can’t be derived from simply opening a bag of shop-bought treats. It’s a palpable, long-lasting excitement that comes from knowing that something wonderful is happening. More to the point, something wonderful they instinctively know involves them.

From the moment their pans come out of the cupboard, our dogs are on high alert. Their lives are enriched all day just knowing that something special is happening. They get not only to enjoy the taste of the treats, but to savour the whole treat-making journey. From the sounds of preparation to the smells of baking right through to the final joy of tasting. It’s what those who practice dog husbandry call sensory and nutritional enrichment. It’s a way of enhancing the lives of those who give us so much but ask so little in return.

I do hope you’ll join me and discover that by enriching the life of your best friend, you’ll also greatly enrich your own. And that in so doing, you’ll improve the bond between you in a way that you might never have believed possible!